Stock Exchange


Welcome to the Nvesto Stock Exchange, the first online stock trading game. We are bringing the experience of Wall Street to the hands of everybody. It has never been easier to start trading on a real-time stock exchange.

Have you ever wondered how does it feel like to be a stock trader? How does it feel to be able to profit from your stock forecasting skills? Perhaps you have been tempted to become a day-trader, but have been put off by all the obstacles of opening a brokerage account and paying high commissions and hidden fees.

Our mission at Nvesto Stock Exchange is to leave all these hurdles behind. We use simplicity and straightforwardness to make the amazing world of stock trading easily accessible for everybody. We have made Nvesto Stock Exchange open for everyone, if you are a trader or want to become one, if you are a gambler or if you are simply a finance enthusiast, you are only a step away from using your skills and trying your luck to make a fortune. Sign up now and give it a try. Or log in with Facebook. *

Nvesto currently operates a free version of the stock trading game. Free version will help you develop stock trading skills without any risk to lose money. When you register a new account you will receive virtual cash and shares of stocks traded on Nvesto Stock Exchange.

Nvesto is working on a release of a paid version of the stock trading game. In the paid version you will fund your account and you will be able to make real profit by trading on Nvesto Stock Exchange. Practice now on the free trial version and stay tuned for further developments!

The stock prices and the cash holdings on Nvesto Stock Exchange are quoted in the units of Citrine. Citrine is the official currency of Nvesto and is the only currency in which trading occurs.


The rules are simple yet subtle.

To trade on Nvesto Stock Exchange you need to create an account and log in. You will receive a portfolio of virtual cash and shares of stocks, which can be easily traded. The goal is to make as much cash profit as you can by trading these stocks. The universal principle is very simple: buy low and sell high.

Depending on your portfolio balance you can submit buy and sell orders for the stocks traded on Nvesto Stock Exchange. As soon as there is a match we will fill your order. There are no trade commission fees in the free version of the game: participation is completely free of charge.

We will always fill your order at the price you specified or, whenever possible, a better price. For instance, if you have submitted a buy order for 15 shares of stock, at the price of 97.5, then we will fill that order at the price of 97.5, or less. Pending orders can be cancelled.


The workings of a stock exchange are explained by a few simple principles.

Stock trading is about being able to anticipate what the price is going to be in the future. You don't have to do it correctly all the time, but you need to be able to win more than lose. This skill can be developed by consistent trading.

In essence, prices of stocks depend on nothing else but the collective actions of traders, those who are trading on the stock exchange, just like you. A key skill in the game is therefore to be able to predict how the majority of other traders are going to act. Are the positive news about the stock going to encourage them, and make the stock price soar? Or is the public reaction going to be more restrained? Are the traders going to resist an urge of selling off the stock which has just been downgraded, making its price plummet? Being able to figure out answers to these questions is what is going to allow you to excel at this game.

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